Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine  is the governmental organization of extracurricular education units in research and experimental area. It is an integral, multilevel system of recognition and selection of gifted children. Minor Academy of Sciences is subordinate the National Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was created and developed under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (in cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) and its research institutions, higher educational institutions all over Ukraine.

In 1939, according to the request from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and in order to increase patronage on children’s scientific organizations Academy of Sciences of the USSR adopted a resolution on the patronage over the Kyiv Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren about the work with talented children, who were the members of scientific groups. Program of joint work offered the popular science lectures by outstanding scientists, participation in workshops, consultation, essay writing etc.

In 50s-60s separated scientific groups and sections, which were created by some schools, after-school facilities and educational institutions were united in urban, regional and national scientific societies of students, the main goal of which was to encourage the development of creative abilities of pupils in the process of in-depth study of certain fields of science, technology and culture.

Among the first large scientific and technical associations was Minor Academy of Sciences of Crimea, which was established in 1963. The first step of this association was the creation of five departments: social sciences, literature and art, physics and mathematics, chemistry and biology.The branches of Minor Academy of Sciences began to operate in cities and towns of Crimea.
In 1983, resolutions of the Council of Ministers “On future development of youth technical creativity in the republic” and “On joint measures of the creation and development of Minor Pupils’ Academy of Science at the science centers of Academy of Science of the Ukrainian SSR” were adopted. The latter resolution approved the typical regulations of Minor Academy of Sciences of schoolchildren, created coordinative and methodological council, approved its members, marked purposeful work of Kiev, Lviv, Crimea, Odessa Minor Academies of Science.Experience of this organization was the basis of the development of Minor academies of science during 60s-70s-80s, which were created in many regions of Ukraine.

These documents contributed to the development of Minor Academies of Ukraine: in Donetsk – since 1985, in Dnipropetrovsk – from 1985, inZhytomyr – since 1986, in Rivne – since 1985, in Kharkiv – since 1985, in Melitopol – since 1986. By 1986 11 Minor academies of science had been created. The bases of these organizations were Palaces of pioneers, local groups of young naturalists, local groups of young technicians.

  • By 2004, the local divisions of MAoS were created in 24 regions, as well as in Crimea, Kiev and Sevastopol. They included dozens of local district offices and scientific associations of students.

In 2004 the necessity to establish a single coordinative center became rather urgent. The MAoS and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine initiated the establishment of governmental out-of-school educational institution Minor Academy of Sciences, which organizes the work of the High School MAoS of Ukraine, national mass events, provides scholarships to the best students of MAoS and the winners of Ukrainian national youth science contests.


Created to meet following goals:

  • to provide mental, intellectual, creative development of school youth,
  • to create conditions for social and vocational orientation,
  • to form nation’s intellectual potential


Main tasks of Minor Academy of Sciences are:

  • realization of state policy concerning work with gifted school youth;
  • recognition, development and social support for gifted, bright and talented children;

  • involvement of intellectually and creatively gifted children into scientific, research, experimental and creative activities;
  • serving the school youth needs in vocational orientation and creative self-realization according to their interests and abilities;
  • extension and systematization of pupils’ knowledge in different areas of science, formation of abilities, skills and culture of scientific research;
  • implementation of contemporary methods and methodic of studying into educational process of general and extracurricular educational institutions, oriented on pupils’ research activity;
  • study, generalization and expansion of the best pedagogical experience of  working with gifted children and youth;
  • organization of social support for talented educators, who bring up future scientific generation.


Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine unites 27 regional territorial departments which coordinate activities of district and city local departments and pupils’ scientific societies

General coordination of the local departments’ activity is run by the National Centre “Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”

Supreme governing body of MAoS is Presidium,members of which are outstanding scientists of our country – country leaders in their research field.PresidiumPresident – Oleksiy Dovgyy[2]

Vice-President – Viktor BaryakhtarVice-President – Viktor AndrushchenkoHead of Chemistry and Biology Department  – Valeriy KukharHead of Philology and Art Studies Department – Mykola ZhulynskyyHead of Computer Science and Programming Department – Volodymyr Red’koHead of Physics and Mathematics Department – Anatoliy Samoylenko

Member of Presidium – Valeriy Heyets’

Member of Presidium – Viktor GrinchenkoMember of Presidium – Dmytro Melnychuk

Educational directions

On the basis of Minor Academy of Sciences around 7 thousand scientific groups and sections in different areas, with over 200 thousand senior pupils are involved annually into scientific and research activity.

Scientific areas:

Science and technology287 groups

3136 students

Including 1009 students from rural areas

Computer science and programming760 groups

9065 students

Including 1690 students from country side

Physics and mathematics  – 1312 groups

16220 students

Including 4691 students from rural area

History and Geography1636 groups

17489 students

Including 7136 students from rural area

Chemistry and Biology1360 groups

17621 students

Philology and Art Studies
1633 groupsIncluding 6826 students from rural area

19257 students

Including 5824 students from rural area

Assistance to young scientists and their scientific research is provided by over 6,5 thousand pedagogues and scientists from educational establishments and institutions, among which:

56,60% General educational institution teachers

28% University teachers

15,40% Extracurricular institution


Activity of Minor Academy of Sciences consists of 10 scientific departments which include 56 sections in almost all scientific areas, that promotes recognition of the most talented and gifted youth of our young state and develops scientific potential of the country

Among students of Minor Academy of Ukraine, there are quite a few gifted children, whose achievements are honored by medals, gratuities, charters, diplomas of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, scholarships from President of Ukraine and prestige international awards.

You can find us here http://maps.google.com.ua/maps?hl=uk&tab=wl



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