MANU students successfully presented UKRAINE in Tianxia

Top students of Minor Academy of Sciences participated in the III International Summer Camp Soong Ching-ling

The Third International Summer Camp Soong Ching-ling took place in July 16-23 in Beijing and Inner Mongolia (China). About three hundred talented young people from fifteen countries were presented at the event. The Ukrainian delegation included nine students of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the winners of the III stage of the All-Ukraine contest-defense of scientific and research ptojects of student-members of Minor Academy of Science of Ukraine in the sections of art history, folklore and ethnography.

Program of the summer camp included team competitions and presentations of national culture and traditions to camp participants, as well as visiting famous places in China. Members of the international camp were divided into groups, which consisted of representatives from different countries. By working in groups, participants had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of foreign languages ​​and learn more about the culture of other countries.

On the July 17 the official opening ceremony took place. The main actors were the representatives of the National Foundation named Soong Ching-ling and young representatives of countries-participants of the camp.

From 18 till 20 July children stayed in Inner Mongolia, the autonomous region in northern China, where they got acquainted with  the culture, life, customs of China, by listening to the traditional Mongolian songs, watching dances, wrestling and horse races. The participants saw a real Mongolian yurt and could enjoy the scenery of Inner Mongolia.

In addition, young people visited the Stone Forest Ashadu, one of the most unique granite formations in the world, which belongs to the geological park Keshiketeng.

On July 20 in Chifeng city participants of the camp gave a gala concert, which presented the culture of their countries. Ukrainian delegation presented a famous Ukrainian song “Red Ruta” and demonstrated traditional clothing of  Hutsul, Galicia, Donschyna, Slobozhanshchyna, Volyn, Sivershchyna, Tavria, Podillia, Zaporizhzhia and Naddniprianshchyna regions.

On July 21 camp participants returned to Beijing and visited the world’s largest area Tiananmen, which is adjoined by the building of Chinese parliament, the House of People’s Assembly and ultramodern Grand National Opera House. Tiananmen Square is traditionally considered to be the symbolic heart of Chinese nation. Abroad the Square became famous because of the suppression of student riots in June 1989. Any information on those events is strictly censored in mainland China since the entry into force of the “Great Chinese firewall.”

Also, children walked through the Forbidden City (or “Gugong” in Chinese – “Former Palace”) – the world’s largest palace (720 thousand m2), where the emperors of Ming and Ching dynasties lived in 1924. In the fifteenth century, this palace was erected by a million construction workers and 100 thousand specialists of other specialties: carvers, painters and others. The very complex consists of 980 buildings and 8,707 rooms.

On the same evening farewell ceremony of the international camp took place, accompanied with  the closing gala concert . It was held together with the exhibition of cultures, where children exchanged their original souvenirs.

On July 22 talented young people from all over the world visited the Great Wall of China, the most famous monument of world architecture. It extends to the north of China for more than 21 thousand kilometers. Additionally, children attended the Silk Market and saw an impressive performance of Chinese acrobats’ circus.

The camp was organized by the foundation named after Soong Ching-ling, Chinese political activist, wife of Sun Yat-sen and the first female president of China. Ms. Soong Ching-ling has made a significant contribution to peace in the world, the development of international exchanges, strengthening of the rights of women and children in China and is considered to be one of the greatest women of the twentieth century.


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