Science school in Physics for school children: MANU students visited the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

National Center “Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” together with the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) organized and conducted science school of physics for students of Minor Academy of Sciences within the framework of international educational and scientific project “Modern Science and Society” from 27 June to 2 July in Geneva (Switzerland).

The event was attended by pupils of 9-11 grades of secondary schools. They are the winners of the third phase of Ukrainian scientific research presentation contest in branches of Engineering and Computer Science, Physics, Astronomy. Active participation in competitions and exhibitions, prizes at the national competition of MANU led them to the exclusive gift: the opportunity to see what is happening in the world’s largest laboratory for High Energy Physics. It was the first delegation from Ukraine.

Unlike other delegations, the Ukrainian was able to visit the main objects of CERN and track all processes from the start to the finish. Planned program of lectures passed in lively discussions and school students even had suggestions on how to implement the results of laboratory research. “They just studied antimatter, and I offered to put their ideas into practice. We know that the collision of matter with antimatter release a large amount of energy, which is simply dissipated into space. I suggested to use this energy for the needs of humanity, but I was replied that there is a lot of matter in our world, but very little of antimatter “- told the delegation member, student of the 10th grade of the Lyceum of Information Technologies of Alexandria region (Kirovograd), Danilo CHEREVASHKO. Although the proposal was not supported, lecturers found this idea to be interesting.

“Schoolchildren from Ukraine were given the opportunity to participate in experiments conducted by CERN. Although the general education program for school children does not provide this capability, which was given to Ukrainian students, “- said the deputy director of the National Center “Minor Academy of Sciences “, Tatiana PESCHERINA.

MANU students went down to a depth of 100 meters, where scientists recreate conditions similar to the first seconds after the Big Bang. “Who knows, maybe we saw the discovery of the age” shared experiences tenth grade student of Dnipropetrovsk Constantine BICHAY: “Discovery of the Higgs boson is 10 times more awesome than the discovery of America by Columbus. This particle is responsible for mass and for gravitational links. It is called “God particle”, because it makes the universe to work the way it does. We were present at the experiment of SMS, where experienced an incredible atmosphere, as far as the ray was in Collider and the experiment was going on”. “Every small chip, each wire in the Collider, in these experiments is a breakthrough in science, a new step forward” – said Anton YAROSHKO, 10 grade student of Fastiv boarding lyceum.

The trip was not limited by the visit to Collider. Young astronomers learned the promising directions of research in high energy physics, visited research centers and experimental laboratories of the European Centre for Nuclear Research, went on excursions to museums CERN, the Museum of the History of Science, Museum “Rat” and the Museum of Natural Sciences of Geneva. Series of lectures and workshops with leading scientists CERN, creative meetings with scientists were also organized for the MANU students. They took a tour around Geneva, during which students were proposed to divide into two teams, find Geneva attractions, carefully examine them, and apply to citizens for explanations. Every day in Switzerland was very rough for Ukrainian. In the vening, walking along the streets of Geneva, they excitedly discussed experiences gained during the day.


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