CMS Workshop. “Perspectives on Physics and on CMS at Very High Luminosity, HL-LHC”

  • About:

The Workshop is organised by CMS Collaboration. JINR will serve as a host.  The Workshop will be held on 28 – 31 May, 2012 in Alushta, Ukraine, a town on Crimea’s southern coast on theBlack Sea. All sessions and accommodation will take place in the “Dubna” hotel in Alushta. A total of about 110 participants are expected to take part in the Workshop.

  • Participants:

The total number of participants is limited to 110. The Workshop fee which includes full board for participants is 450 Euros; for accompanying persons, the fee is 200 Euros. Fees are assumed to be paid in cash (Euros or USD) during registration upon arrival. Fees for invited speakers can be waived by the workshop organising committee.

  •   Goals:

The goals of the workshop are to discuss the critical physics questions foreseen for the HL-LHC era (operating at 5E34 beyond LS3), and the requirements these conditions will place on the future CMS detector. Sessions will include a survey of the physics, detector performance in extreme radiation and high rate conditions, and technology choices. The workshop will include three days of main sessions, with a fourth day available for follow-up discussions of specific topics.

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