International Environmental Scientific Project Olympiad

INESPO is the International Environmental Scientific Project Olympiad which is held in the Netherlands annually. In 2012 INESPO will be held between June 9 and 15. Scholars between 13 and 18 years old are welcome to participate in the olympiad by finding innovative solutions for environmental problems.

Through presentation of team-developed projects based on practical applications, the youth will get better acquainted with the topic and will become convinced of the seriousness of the situation. Cosmicus is convinced that forging awareness of this situation by using the two-prong approach is attainable, while acquiring theoretical insight through information only, leads to few results and is consequently of inadequate impact. This also applies to lessons at school.

All projects that meet the requirements can participate in the olympiad. The criteria established by the workgroup can be found under Coordination regulations.

To keep the olympiad interesting and not to limit the students and teachers to one specific topic, INESPO has chosen to define the project in broad terms. Each of the five categories can be broadly approached. The selected categories are:

· Environment & Chemistry

· Environment & Physics

· Environment & Biology

· Environment & Geography

· Environment & Social/Civics

A project olympiad means that students work out their ideas on paper which is also followed by a  concept e.g. model or design of the solution. The result for the most innovative, creative idea which can ensure for a solution of environmental problems, could be a miniature design or a collage. During the event on the olympiad exposition days on June 9 (national), 10 and 11 (international) the project participants must be able to explain, defend and serve their design both in theory and in practice. If necessary, participants may request audiovisual support. The language is in English and the organization does not provide a  translator.

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