EUCYS 2012

The EUCYS – European Union Contest for Young Scientists is an initiative created by the European Commission in 1989 with a goal of promoting the science interchange between young scientists and guiding them to a future in science and technology.The event is an annually held exhibition of the finest work developed in many scientific fields, and given its nature as a competition; the best young minds of different countries can compare ideas and admire each other’s work, thus bringing great interest upon the contest by the international and local communities and press.

The EUCYS is, yet, an opportunity for the young students, who have reached a prestige position in their home countries, to exchange new ideas, share common interests and gain experience from an event which involves some of the most foremost european scientists. The outcome is a significant endorsement by the European Commission, of the work and development achieved in each participant country, to guide and promote more and more young people to careers in science and technology. Being an international contest, the EUCYS integrates in the activities of Science and Society managed by the General-Directorate for the Research and Development of the European Commission. Within the Framework Programmes for the Research and Technological Development and in the European Development Area, Science and Society strives to build a solid link between scientific endeavour and the general european community.

Who can participate?
Only the young scientists nominated by their respective national jury and submitted by the National Organizer can enter the EUCYS contest. In each country, the National Organizer is responsible for nominating/selecting the projects, and the participants, that will enter the EUCYS.

The contestants must conform to the following requirements:

  • must be less than 21 years of age on the last day of the month of the EU contest (September) but more than 14 years of age on the first day of the month of the EU contest (September);
  • have not completed more than one year of higher education studies at the time of the Contest;
  • have not previously participated in the EU Contest, even if the project intended for presentation is different;
  • have completed their project before entering university.

The projects may have been worked upon individually or as a team with 3 members max. The rules about age limit and scholarships are applicable to each participant
involved with the project and are consulted in the regulation section. Should the participants enter as a team, all its members must be present in the EUCYS during the evaluation, so the Jury can truly ascertain the extent of their combined efforts.

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