2012 International Science Poetry Competition

(For school students, and sponsored by “Science Time“ Educational Consultancy and The Science Education Review.)
Three age group divisions: 9-11, 12-14, and 15+ years of age

What needs to be done?
Post your poem/s or rhyme/s, together with the completed Entry Form, to reach us by June 15, 2012. Include the student name, age (as of the closing date), and school on each poem (possibly on the back). The entry fee of 5.50 AUD (Australian dollars, and including GST) per poem needs to accompany the Entry Form. There is a minimum fee of 27.50 AUD per school (not applicable to homeschoolers), but no maximum limit. The entry fees contribute to judging and administration costs, including the issuing of certificates.

What Conditions Apply?

  • Entries must be original, in English, and in hard copy (printed) format only.
  • Entrants need to be primary or high school students at the time of entry.
  • Your poem must have something to do with science (e.g., a science experiment, a science idea, or a scientific issue that is important in our lives; even a science teacher!) and should have rhyme and rhythm.
  • There is no limit to the length of your poem, but short poems can be great.
  • A student may enter more than one poem.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • Permission is granted for “Science Time” to reproduce your entry.More information (payments & details): http://www.scienceeducationreview.com/poetcomp.html



About minoracademy

Contact information chernokur@man.gov.ua 20 Esplanadna street, office 404, 01001 Ukraine, Kyiv
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