WWF Film & Video Competition: Life. Nature. You. Make the Connection

Deadline: 9 October 2011
Open to: All interested

For half a century WWF has been at the forefront of conservation and environmental campaigning. Fifty years of connecting people all over the globe to the natural world – the world in which we all live.

It’s important to remember that each and every one of us depends on a healthy and sustainable planet. As individuals we tend to want to look after the world in which we live – our immediate environment – but we often don’t realise that we’re directly connected to changes happening thousands of miles away in tropical forests, the polar ice caps or the oceans. The truth is we’re all affected by what’s happening to the Earth. Our homes, our livelihoods, the things we eat, wear and use, are all gifts from the natural world.

The Challenge

You should produce an original film up to a maximum of two minutes’ duration on the theme ”Life. Nature. You. Make the Connection”. Your film should inspire people to love, value and protect the natural world. The films can be in any medium – live action, animation, stop-motion, CGI or a mixture of genres.


Anyone aged 16 or over can enter the competition. If you are a member of WWF staff (either permanent or temporary, current or former), intern, sponsor, or an immediate family member of any of the foregoing, or of the judges, you may participate, but you are not eligible to win. Proof of identity will be required from all winners.


There will be two identical prizes. Each winner will be commissioned by WWF to create a short film to a brief of WWF’s choice, each with a minimum budget of 10,000 USD, to be commissioned in 2012.

One winner will be chosen by a panel of judges appointed by WWF, including representatives of WWF and the film and creative industries. The other winner will be chosen by peers who make up the Vimeo Group, who will be able to rate the submissions.

The two winning filmmakers will be invited to the CMS Vatavaran festival to receive their prizes and to take part in the special screening. . WWF will pay the travel and accommodation of the two winners to and from New Delhi (method of travel and type of accommodation will be at WWF’s discretion).

How to enter

  • Create an account on Vimeo if you don’t already have one.
  • Join the Life.Nature.You group.
  • Upload your video to Vimeo. Make sure to add a good title and description to your video.
  • Submit your video to the group (go to your video’s page on Vimeo and in the sidebox click on the “Add” tab. Check the box for the Life.Nature.You. group).
  • Fill in the registration form on panda.org.
The competition closes on 9 October 2011.

The official webpage

Source: mladiinfo.com


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