12th International Young Scientists Conference

12th International Young Scientists Conference Optics and High Technology Material Science – SPO 2011Location  Kiev, Ukraine

Start date 2011/10/27

End date 2011/10/30

SummarySession A. Physics of condensed matter and nanotechnology.
– optical properties of solids;
– physics of low dimensional structures;
– surface, interface and thin films;
– nanodevices and nanomanufacturing;
– spectroscopy and microscopy in material research.

Session B. Lasers and optoelectronics.
– quantum electronics;
– nonlinear optics and their application;
– semiconductor for optoelectronics devices;
– novel IR/VIS/UV sources and detectors.

Session C. Optics and technology.
– integrated optics;
– coherent optical systems;
– holography;
– optical information storage;
– fiber optics.

Session D. Biomedical optics and sensors technology.
– biophotonics;
– optics for medical applications;
– IR imaging;
– sensor technology;
– solar cells.

Web site: http://spo.univ.kiev.ua

Feedback: spo_tsknu@ukr.net


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