Scientists showed chemical copies of cinnamon and clove

During the academic picnic French scientist Francis Hoezell demonstrated experiment, with the help of which you can compare natural and artificial aromas of cinnamon and cloves.  This one and other eleven experiments titled “Everything is chemistry” were brought to Kyiv. Francis Hoezell also showed the machine which is able to differentiate the fluids. For example, it can filter olive oil. In order to get this valuable product, the liquid is squeezed from all olive fruit together with a stone. As a result, we receive a mixture of liquids (oil and olive juice). Presented device can help separate these two liquids.
“Science is interesting”. This motto convinced everyone who came to the event, organized by the National Centre of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. During the spectacular outdoor show in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure of Kyiv at hundreds of geeks as well as outstanding scientists of Ukraine and France gathered from all over the country.  Regardless of age and skills, everyone who visited the exhibition was able to participate in interesting experiments.
The director of the National Centre of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Oksen Lisovy admitted that scientific picnics are widely spread in Europe. In Ukraine, the event of this type was held for the first time. “Science is showed in an interesting, entertaining way. The purpose of scientific picnic is to awaken the desire of young people to get interested in science and to provide the necessary basic tools ” O. Lisovy said.
Spectacular scientific show of experiments with plastic bottles titled “Can’t get it right without a drink” was showed to the Kyiv geeks. For example Alexander Kozlov demonstrated devices made of plastic bottles for feeding animals at home and at farms. One of these feeders is called “Carousel.” There food for animals is put into cylinders and spills when overlaps with a hole at the base. Cylinders are moved by a floating piston, which is regulated with the help of water level changes in the basin.
Kyiver Mark Przewalski demonstrated “electronic smoker”. Supporting movement against smoking, the young man warns: if one smokes the packet of cigarettes per day, in his/her lungs will remain 750 ml resin. “Electronic smoker” is a rectangular plastic box that includes compressor, which sucks in the smoke. A napkin is placed on the special hole, which is located on top of lit cigarette. Smoke with the resins paints a brown circle on the napkin. If you imagine that this process occurs with the lungs, you should think: why not to give up this bad habit?


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